Best quality Hemp with top cbd(0.2)THC test results

Best quality Hemp with top cbd(0.2)THC test results
Base price $200.00

Top Quality Hemp Flower less than 0.2(THC),seeds,Hash and Buds Available Now


Best quality Hemp with top cbd(0.2)THC test results at 1(775) 235-2438


100% certified hemps with high cbd % ,both indoor and out door Test results on cbd available and supplies industrial in large quantity contact 


100% certified industrial Hemp plant HIGHEST QUALITY permitted to trading in the USA,Manually harvested,derived from specially feminized seeds


we have a variety strains available CBD upto 20% hand-trimmed & seedless 

feminized seeds , buds and hash ready to go at very affordable prices .

world wide delivery and all clients around our locality will have to come pick up directly 

for more info contact



cell#: (775) 235-2438


Tuesday, 27 November 2018
i placed the order on Thursday and the package arrived on Saturday. Big thanks to you guys, i really appreciate your help. I will be back soon to order more and this time it will be a bigger order. You are the best
i thought i will never receive my package, but for my greatest surprise the package arrived after 3 days like they said.

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