Best quality Hemp with top cbd(0.2)THC test results

Best quality Hemp with top cbd(0.2)THC test results
Base price $400.00


100% certified hemps with high cbd % ,both indoor and out door Test results on cbd available and supplies industrial in large quantity contact 

CBD Oil is currently taking requests for the following products:


-Co2 Produced full spectrum oil in pure crude form


-Co2 Produced full spectrum oil winterized and filtered 


-CBD Distillate

We have 4 different varieties of boutique flower available(10 pounds minimum order)

Pennywise 28% $205/lb.

BerryBlossom 26% $185/lb.8

Queen of Hope 26% $185/lb.

Ringo's Gift 18% $160/lb.

total of 55,000 pounds of boutique flower available 

for more info contact



cell#: (775) 235-2438



Monday, 19 November 2018
absolutely the best in the USA i always recommend this to my friends, hemp product made easy and smooth its always a joy to have such services available for patients in need to make them feel better..Thanks again.

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