HempsList.com is a Open Source Hemp Market Place. We currently do not charge anyone to post their hemp items and or services to be listed. We have recently removed all previous hemp listing and vendors. Please note that site is does not have full time dedicated minority 24/7.

There have been a number of recent changes on 3.21.19 due to a number of ongoing issues. Changes that have taken place are as follows

1. All Vendors and Product have been removed - everyone will have to set up a new account and add listings

2. All listing are now limited to 2 categories only

3. All product listing have to be approved by an admin which could take 24-48 hours - Hemp Vendors are NO longer to automatically post with out approval due to multiple parties who took advantage of this site.

4. Vendors are no longer able to create new categories. If you would like to add a new category please send email to info@hempslist.com or send a text message to 720.980.1620

5. Requirements for all product post are as follow and can be changes at any time, failure to comply with any of these items will get your product listing deleted and potentially banning from site access overall.

    a. NO medical and or health claims on your label, descriptions and/or in store details

    b. NO Multilevel Hemp Companies - No acceptations

    c. Can NOT be labeled a dietary supplement

    d. Can NOT claim to be FDA approved

    e. Can NOT be over 3.0% THC Delta9 total in any finished product

    f. Unfinished products which are over 0.3% THC delta 9 concentration total can be available as bulk wholesale only but NOT to the general public or consumer

    g. these are subject to change and amendment

6. We have added a REPORT link in the main header now for any party who need to report a post or issue with a vendor.

7. We hope you benefit from this free marketplace


Native Workplace Announces Partnership with Grow Hemp Colorado and HempsList

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Create an Account Step 2: Post your Hemp Ad Step 3: Complete your Hemp Vendor Profile

What Can you Post?
Beadwork, Silver Jewelry, Hemp Rug Weavings, Hemp Basket Weavings, Pipes and Carvings, Hemp Canvas Tipis, Hemp / Herbal Remedies, Hemp Clothing, Hemp Poster Art, Native Cannabis Business

*Products should artistically depict, or be made out of hemp but it is not required.
No medical cannabis products, sexually explicit or discriminatory ads will be allowed.

Native Workplace, Inc. and Grow Hem
p Colorado have joined forces to form a strategic alliance on their popular website Hempslist.com.  This philanthropic partnership creates a Tribal-Hemp Marketplace for Native artisans and business owners to promote their art, products and services at no cost.

HempsList.com is just like Craigslist but for Hemp. An incredibly useful resource with user friendly, functional features to post, find and locate hemp products, farmers, seed, events, jobs and now a Tribal-Hemp Marketplace. HempsList.com is a sister site to GrowHempColorado.com, both sites have the highest page rankings in Google over any other hemp website worldwide!

Hempslist is not involved in managing your business or transactions with your customers. They are not brokers and do not receive any commissions from your sales.

Their services include QR set up to redirect to your site and or processing solution provided by 1620Solutions.com. Currently the ads are free, Hempslist reserves the right to reasonably amend these terms in the future.

Why this Effort?

1. To help promote hemp and cannabis in tribal communities

2. To help create sustainable family income where no jobs are available

3. To help Native artisans reach a viable market

4. To encourage self-employment and small business ownership among tribal members

Have questions?
Native Workplace This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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HempsList.com is an incredibly useful resource with user friendly, functional features to post, find and locate hemp products, farmers, seed, events, wholesale and much more.